My name is Florence, and I was born and raised in the peaceful town of Sheffield, U.K. For as long as I remember, I adored reading books for they gave me a glimpse into a world that only existed in one's imagination. At the time, it was almost unfathomable to me how wonderous books were, and how they offered a reprieve from the daily mundane activities available to me in a quiet yet quaint city

My love for books eventually grew into a love for English, and I aspired to become an English teacher. After I graduated from university with a bachelor's in English , I was offered an opportunity to teach English to children in Beijing, China. This was where I was first exposed to Chinese culture, and what they had to offer.

Working in China and experiencing life there was one of the biggest eye-openers for me. I learned all about Chinese culture, and eventually grew to really appreciate everything they had to offer. These experiences helped me to broaden my perspective and appreciate diversity. As an avid writer, I found all sorts of ways to express myself, not just through my writing, but through the journals I used, and how I would personalize them through the never-ending variety of stickers and washi tapes available there.

As life would have it, I eventually met a wonderful man, married him and moved to Singapore to be with him. However, after spending close to a decade in China, I found myself really missing everything that made Chinese culture unique. This is what led me to start Taperlogy. I wanted to help others experience what I fell so dearly in love with during my years in China. I hope that Taperlogy can be a place for writers of all kinds, whether you're in the USA, Australia or Europe, to find a journal and the accessories that help you to express who you are and what makes you unique. Whether you're an aspiring author or just someone who hopes to jot down your daily thoughts, there's always something suitable for you here. Stay for a while, take your time to browse, and I hope you find something that will help showcase your personality, if not to the world, then at least to yourself.