Dako Neutral Toned Mesh Tape Pack

$23.00 USD

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Great handmade quality

❗❗Due to popular demand and its handmade nature, we're currently slightly backlogged on this item. We're working hard with the seller to obtain more stock.

Pre-orders are expected to be shipped between 9th Sep to 17th Oct 2023, while shipping is estimated to take between 5 to 12 business days depending on the efficiency of your local postal service and customs.

These mesh tapes are intricately designed and absolutely gorgeous! With a neutral color palette, they can fit in any sort of craft!

If you're interested in mesh tapes of a different color palette, check out our Sako Pastel Toned Mesh Pack!

*Do note that these mesh tapes are not adhesive and do not have adhesive backing of any kind.


➤ Size:
Length: 1.5m (4.92ft)
Width: 45mm - 75mm (1.77" - 2.95'')

➤ Specifications:
Total 10 Colors/Pack
(5 different mesh designs x 2 colors)

➤ Materials:
Specialty Mesh