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These rub-on sticker sheets are the ultimate mixed pack! Each sheet contains a variety of unique design elements, including wording, tags, black and white plants, ferns, flowers, and various shapes. These stickers are perfect for overlaying onto your journal pages or planner layouts to create stunning visual effects.

While you may think there's nothing special about these stickers, there are countless ways to incorporate them into your journaling and creative projects. The possibilities are truly endless!

Easy Application

Simply press, rub and remove. Using these stickers couldn't be easier! For some extra fun and stress release, try tearing up the fabric intro pieces to use as scrap bits for your artwork!

Functional Design

Discover a versatile assortment of rub-on stickers in this mixed pack, featuring a variety of design elements such as typography, tags, black and white plants, ferns, flowers, geometric shapes and more! Perfect for layering, these stickers offer endless possibilities to enhance your journal or scrapbook with a unique and personalized touch!

Large Variety

With designs ranging from colorful to monotone, you'll find the perfect design fit for any crafts you have in mind with this sticker pack! 

The Calico Fabric

Each purchase of select variants* also includes Calico fabric, which are perfect for using rub-ons stickers with! (*Only available with certain variants)


How do I use these stickers?

Step 1 - Cut out and place the selected sticker on your desired surface.

Step 2 - Carefully rub over the sticker with a hard, solid object like a coin or ruler.

Step 3- Carefully remove the protective foil layer on top of the sticker once the sticker has been firmly applied.

When attempting to apply the sticker, ensure that there is a hard surface below the area of application. This will help ensure that your transfers are effective. Applying the sticker while there's a soft surface below the area of application will usually end up with the sticker not being transferred fully.

*These stickers can be used on any smooth surfaces (i.e. plastic, fabric, wood, metal and glass, among others). It will not work on surfaces such as silicone, latex as well as matte surfaces. 

These stickers are not washable and cannot be laundered. They are water resistant, but not waterproof, and will be damaged when soaked in excessive amounts of water.


➤ Sticker Sheet Size:
15.5cm x 26.5cm
(6.1'' x 10.43'')

➤ Cloth Size:
20cm x 72cm
(0.66ft x 2.36ft)

➤ Specifications:
3 Sheets of Sticker

➤ Materials:
Vinyl Sticker
Calico Fabric

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