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Here at Taperlogy, we always do our best to make customers like yourself our utmost priority. That's why we include a small gift in every order, and we always try to refresh these gifts to keep our customers excited and surprised! So without further ado, we'd like to introduce the latest batch of free gifts available.

In every order placed, we're including a small mini pack of rub-on stickers! In this batch of free gifts, we have 4 different options that you could possibly get. Step into spring with the spring based rub-on stickers, or scratch that travel itch with the holiday themed travel stickers! Not to worry, no matter which you receive, we assure you that they're all beautiful and are just as easy to use as our regular bestselling rub-on stickers!

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➤ Sticker Sheet Size:
7.6cm x 11.5cm
(3" x 4.53")

➤ Specifications:
2 Sheets of Sticker/Pack

➤ Materials:
Vinyl Sticker

How do I use them?

How do I use these stickers?

Step 1 - Cut out and place the selected sticker on your desired surface.

Step 2 - Carefully rub over the sticker with a hard, solid object like a coin or ruler.

Step 3- Carefully remove the protective foil layer on top of the sticker once the sticker has been firmly applied.

When attempting to apply the sticker, ensure that there is a hard surface below the area of application. This will help ensure that your transfers are effective. Applying the sticker while there's a soft surface below the area of application will usually end up with the sticker not being transferred fully.

Commonly Asked Questions

What surfaces can our rub-on stickers be applied on?

Our rub-on stickers are versatile and can be applied to various smooth surfaces such as paper, plastic, fabric, wood, metal, and glass, among others. However, please note that they may not adhere well to silicone, latex, or matte surfaces.

Are our rub-on stickers washable?

While our rub-on stickers are water-resistant, they are not waterproof. Excessive exposure to water may result in damage, so they are not washable or suitable for laundering.

Please be aware that this product is not specifically designed for application on everyday clothing that requires frequent washing. Its features are primarily intended for paper-crafting purposes.

For our full FAQ about rub-on sticker, you may click here for more info!

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